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By willywonkaltd, Oct 12 2018 09:18AM

By booking with us our Anti-Boring food tour, you’ll experience modern city biggest food hits, from bourgeoisie cuisine to hunter’s restaurant in Vilnius Old Town.

Welcome to our moving feast! What and Where will we eat?

At a bourgeoisie restaurant on St. Michael’s street, you’ll sample mouth-watering, traditional Lithuanian beetroot and cabbage soup.

Next, we’ll continue down cute and historical Pilies street to a creative restaurant in the heart of Old Towns that’s putting an innovative spin on seasonal Lithuanian dishes–to the delight of your tastebuds.

Our next stop will be a glimpse into medieval regional fare. For thousands of years, hunter-gatherers brought home meat for their families, and Middle Ages was a time for hearty dishes like mushroom stew, venison, and boar. At a legendary hunter’s restaurant, we will taste green salad with warm pieces of venison.

If you’re at least 20 years old, we will cap off with some tastings of traditional beer tastings at a Lithuanian brewery on a historical glassblower’s street.

Just give me a call 02071125190 for more details.

By willywonkaltd, Oct 11 2018 02:04PM

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